MOUSEOFF® Bromadiolone rodent bait blocks

For control of mice & rats in domestic and industrial situations

MOUSEOFF® Bromadiolone Rodent blocks are individually wrapped for safer use and to enhance bait freshness.


RODEMISE 2kg pail

MOUSEOFF® 2kg pail

  • Highly palatable
  • Individually wrapped for safety & freshness
  • Available in 50g blocks and 200g “super” blocks
  • Can be purchased, stored & used without permits
  • Ideal for all domestic & industrial rodent programs
  • Available in a wide range of pack sizes.

MOUSEOFF® blocks are prepared from high quality food ingredients to create very palatable baits that attract both mice and rats. The blocks are available from rural merchant stores, home & garden stores and hardware stores. No permits are required. Rodemise® Superblocks are pierced to allow hanging.

Why control rodent infestations?

Ratus ratus on pipes in a piggery

Ratus ratus on pipes in a piggery

Mice and rats are known to cause massive damage to processed and stored food products. Rodents also cause major damage to infrastructure and electrical installations. Rodents also carry bacterial infections and viral diseases that can be harmful to humans. Rodent litter size can be up to 10 and gestation is just 3 weeks, so populations can rise rapidly.

Where are rodents found?

Rodents are found throughout Australia, in urban and rural areas with the common areas of concern being food storage areas, sheds, warehouses, roof spaces, wall cavities and under floors. Any place where shelter and natural or manmade food is available will harbor rodents.

Why use Bromadiolone?

50gm RODEMISE<sup>®</sup> bait blocked chewed by rodents

50gm MOUSEOFF® bait blocked chewed by rodents

When used in MOUSEOFF® rodent blocks and superblocks, Bromadiolone works as a single feed anticoagulant rodenticide. The highly palatable MOUSEOFF® Blocks contain enough Bromadiolone to eradicate mice and rats after a single feed.

Is there an antidote?

Yes. Since anti-coagulant poisons work by inhibiting the recycling of Vitamin K, the effects can be treated by administration of Vitamin K1 (phytomenadione) antidote. This is not required unless symptoms of anti-coagulation develop.

How to use MOUSEOFF Bait Blocks®

MOUSEOFF® blocks are simple to use. The individually wrapped blocks can be torn open or left unopened as rodents will soon eat through the wrapper.

1kg,2kg and 9kg pails

MOUSEOFF® 1kg,2kg and 9kg pails

Blocks should be placed in areas where rodents are found. Baits or bait stations should be placed not less than 20 metres apart and along wall edges where rodents prefer to travel.

Baits should be checked every few days. Replace baits taken until uptake ceases. Residual bait can be left to provide control against reinvading rodents. Uptake will typically continue for at least a week after the program starts due to the delayed effect of the poison. If new rodents are entering the area it is best to maintain the baiting program for an extended period.

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