RABBAIT® 1080 Oat Bait

RABBAIT® 1080 Oat Bait Features

RABBAIT® 1080 Oat Bait is a shelf stable pre-prepared rabbit bait for the control of rabbits in broadacre areas.

Oat baits have traditionally been used to control medium to high densities of rabbits in rural areas of WA and SA where the costs of obtaining, storing and preparing carrot baits are significant.

Carrots also have a greater potential for off-target impact, and are very difficult to lay at recommended rates.

As problems with carrots have increased in other states, users are finding 1080 Oats to be a viable and more convenient option than preparing fresh carrots.

RABBAIT® 1080 has many advantages

One of the main advantages of RABBAIT® 1080 Oat bait over carrot bait is its shelf stability. It can be stored by licenced resellers and govt agencies without refrigeration compared to carrot bait that must be used within hours of being cut.

  • RABBAIT® 1080 Oat Bait is pre-prepared avoiding the need to source, store and prepared carrot baits
  • Oats can be laid very accurately at low rates using conventional bait layers.
  • Specially formulated to minimise dust or 1080 leakage. Free-feeding can be done using landholders’ own un-poisoned oats at minimal cost (oats are readily available.)
  • Dyed bright blue to differentiate it from pindone oats and to reduce uptake by granivorous birds.
  • Uses sterilised seed-grade oats to prevent germination of the grain or possible weed-seed contaminants.

Pack Sizes

Rabbait 1080 packaging

Rabbait 1080 10kg pails

RABBAIT® Pindone Oat Bait comes in two pack sizes:  10 kg pails and 100 kg drums.

All RABBAIT® 1080 products are dyed bright blue to make the bait less attractive to birds (that are attracted to yellow and red or “ripe” coloured foods).

RABBAIT® Dyed & Sterilised Free-feed oats are available for training rabbits on to bait trails in areas where the germination of oats (and possible weed seeds) is not wanted, such as in parks and gardens, in windbreaks, plantations or near other crops.

How 1080 works

‘1080’ (sodium fluoroacetate) is a natural substance that occurs in several species of Australian plants as a defence against browsing animals. Native animals that have grazed on such plants for millions of years have evolved with a degree of tolerance to its effects. It quickly degrades in moist soil.

Introduced animals such as foxes, wild dogs, and rabbits are highly susceptible to the poison. Pets and working dogs must be restrained, muzzled or removed from areas while rabbit baiting programs are underway.

The risk to domestic pets and working dogs from consuming carcasses of poisoned rabbits is real and fatal.

Unfortunately there is NO real antidote for 1080 poisoning.

It is important to use RABBAIT® 1080 Oat Bait carefully and in strict accordance with label instructions.

Safety for other animals

Rabbits are very susceptible to 1080, however other herbivores, such as kangaroos, and domestic livestock may be vulnerable if they consume enough bait. Do Not Apply RABBAIT® Oat Bait in areas accessible to native herbivores or stock.

Remove all livestock from the area to be baited for the period of the baiting program. Localised rabbit infestations can be treated by accustoming rabbits to eat under wire reinforcing mesh if native herbivores can’t be kept out of the area to be baited.

Cover any uneaten bait at the end of the program. This is especially important before allowing stock to enter the baited area.

Where practicable, recover and burn or bury any rabbit carcasses found during and after the duration of the baiting program.

RABBAIT® – 1080 poison is a lead weapon in the fight against introduced vertebrate pests that threaten Australia’s ecosystems.

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