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Increasingly regulations on effective feral pest management are causing much frustration for Australian landowners, contractors and environmental groups. Complex rules, including 17 Federal and State Acts of Parliament for controlling such pests as feral pigs, has restricted management controls, resulting in destruction to the agriculture and the environment.

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Animal Control Technologies Product Range

ACTA: Products and Services

Animal Control Technologies is a specialist manufacturer of broadacre vertebrate pest control solutions. Through environmentally focused research and development, we have developed a target specific range of products to assist land managers and the agricultural sector in tackling their large-scale vertebrate pest problems.

We do not provide direct contracting services for pest control, however we provide products to a large number of contractors who can provide this service.

ACTA update on the WA Mouse situation 9th July 2012

After 15 years of continued commitment to the resolution of mouse plagues in Australia, ACTA provides a perspective on the current mouse activity situation in WA and also our work to ensure strategic supplies of bait to best manage the challenge.

For a detailed discussion of the situation in Winter 2012, see

Mouse Plague Update 2011

In the last few days (mid-September 2011) we have been advised that the emergency permit for on-farm bait mixing has been cancelled, and that some or all of the production sites have been discontinued. Information behind this has been scant but the responsible authority, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines authority, has posted a comment regarding concerns about operator safety and other matters of concern to them. (

For more information about the current state of bait availability please see: Mouse Alert 15 September 2011 at

The Autumn 2011 Australian mouse plague has eased momentarily as we settle in for winter and pending winter crop development into spring. Animal Control Technologies Australia Pty Ltd (ACTA) is taking this short opportunity to discuss the past season, and caution growers and industry on control efforts that will be required in the coming months.

Read about the latest developments of 2011's Australian mouse plague here:

For information on products to help control plague mice see:

New Regulations 2008

Following changes to Federal and State legislation there are new regulations for users of 1080-based pest animal control products. These regulations and lists of approved users of the products can now be found on this site on the State 1080 Regulations page.

Changes to the distribution of 1080 products in Victoria now allow for over the counter distribution of FOXOFF®, DOGGONE® and RABBAIT® 1080 Oat Bait. For your closest rural merchant in Victoria see the list at: and follow the link to the current list of local distributors in Victoria 

Victorian Government updates "Directions for the use of 1080" as at July 2014

The Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries has recently released an updated version of its “Directions for the Use of 1080 Pest Animal Bait Products in Victoria”. A copy of the updated directions for use can be found on this site at:, or on the 1080 Regulations tab on any page on the site.  

There are also regulations covering the sale and/or use of zinc phosphide products. Please visit the State Zinc Phosphide regulations page at:

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