Launching DOGABAIT® and FOXECUTE® PAPP Baits

On Sunday 12 June 2016 at midday, ABC’s Landline will be running a segment on the increasing scourge of wild dogs in rural Australia. The program will feature the new DOGABAIT® and FOXECUTE® PAPP baits. These baits will be available shortly from Animal Control Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd and a further communication detailing the release and launch of the baits will be sent next week.

The Landline programme is available to view at: until 13:00 26 June 2016

Information about the FOXECUTE® product can be found here. Information about DOGABAIT® can be found here.

More information on the PAPP active can be found here.

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Animal Control Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd (ACTA) is one of Australia’s leading research and manufacturing companies, specialising in the control of vertebrate pest animals: foxes, wild dogs, feral pigs, rabbits and plague mice and rats. For nearly 20 years ACTA has developed, registered and manufactured a range of world class products.

Most the products listed at the left are manufactured at our purpose built facility in Somerton, Victoria by fully trained, permanent full-time staff.

ACTA services all of Australia, New Zealand, and other export markets, managed by a highly qualified sales and marketing team and deals with all government departments, local and regional councils, Landcare groups, major and independent rural merchants.

ACTA’s Technical Team offer merchant Agronomist training, product orientation and continue to contribute to landholder training sessions.

Since inception, ACTA has been committed to providing Australian landholders and agencies the tools to deal with vertebrate pest animals and we remain at the forefront of technological innovation through our participation in the Invasive Animals CRC (IACRC) and through the ACTA research and development team.

ACTA’s growing product portfolio and technology investments are integral to meeting and adapting to the challenges of vertebrate pest animal management in Australia.

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