About us

Animal Control Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of vertebrate pest control solutions.

Through environmentally focused research and development, we have developed a target specific range of products to assist land managers and the agricultural sector in tackling their large-scale vertebrate pest problems.


Our primary focus is on developing environmentally acceptable tools for the management of vertebrate pests that cause economic, environmental and social damage on a broadacre scale. Our products have saved the Australian economy hundreds of millions of dollars by preventing production losses due to pests such as foxes, wild dogs, rabbits and mice.

These products have been developed in most cases with years of dedicated research and are fully registered through the Australian Agricultural Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). Our products are available through rural merchant stores, local governments and government agencies responsible for agricultural pests. Our domestic range of products is available through rural merchants, supermarkets and hardware stores.

Technical Backing

The expertise represented within the staff is considerable. All our technical staff are graduates or post-graduates in the disciplines of agriculture, environmental science or horticulture, with related experience in agricultural chemicals and regulatory affairs. In addition, many of the staff members have specialist research experience and practical applied skills in large-scale pest management.

Our technical expertise has been developed over years of experience and in response to requests to solve difficult agricultural pest problems. This experience and technical knowledge is reproduced in our range of technical materials designed to provide industry best-practice management of vertebrate pests.

Our technical staff are available and often called upon to present technical information relating to our products or the targeted pest animals.

Facilities & Dispatch

Somerton head office

Somerton head office

Based in the northern Melbourne suburb of Somerton in Victoria, our manufacturing and warehousing facilities give us the flexibility to cater for any crisis that may arise at short notice, such as a mouse plague.

We manufacture our products to a high standard of quality assurance. Most of our products are available for export.

Our dispatch arrangements allow for prompt response to orders, from small packages to multiple pallet quantities.

Contact Us

Should you have enquiries relating to any of our products or have a pest management problem, or would like more information about Animal Control Technologies (Aust) please contact us.

Animal Control Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd
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E-mail: enquiries@animalcontrol.com.au