DOGGONE® Wild Dog Bait

Simplifying wild dog control

Farmers have described a need to control wild dogs on their properties. In response to that demand, DOGGONE® Wild Dog Bait was developed. DOGGONE® provides a reliable and cost-effective method to reduce wild dog numbers in rural areas and Crown land.

DOGGONE® Wild Dog Bait is registered by the Agricultural Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

What is DOGGONE®?

DOGGONE® Wild Dog Bait is a manufactured meat meal-based bait, pre-poisoned with precisely 6 milligrams (6/1000th of a gram) of sodium fluoroacetate ('1080'). Red dye identifies the poison in the centre of the bait.

After the dog eats the bait, the 1080 poison is absorbed, and it blocks enzymes for energy production in the animal's cells. The dog behaves normally for several hours after eating the poisoned bait. After that delay, death occurs quickly from loss of energy to the brain, heart and diaphragm.

Product benefits

  • DOGGONE® is the most convenient and easy to use wild dog bait available
  • Baits degrade in the environment leaving no residues
  • Reliable and proven highly effective
  • convenient for operators to handle
  • Supplied with comprehensive directions
  • Stable without the need for refrigeration
  • A lead method in wild dog control

DOGGONE® pack sizes

12 bait tray

12 Bait tray for small
scale baiting programmes

Doggone Product Range

Doggone product range

DOGGONE® Wild Dog Bait is supplied in pack sizes including an individual 12 bait tray, 72 bait farm packs (6 trays of 12 baits), and bulk packs of 250 baits.

The individual trays and farm packs are designed to give farmers the tools they need to control wild dogs on a smaller scale.

DOGGONE® bulk packs are sturdy plastic tubs containing 250 baits, a pair of gloves, and detailed instructions including information summarising use restrictions for each State.

The bulk presentation of DOGGONE® facilitates large-scale control programmes on Crown land.

Bait density

DOGGONE® Wild Dog Bait will need to be used at a rate of approximately 1 bait per 10 hectares. This allows for a dog density of up to four dogs per square kilometre.

DOGGONE® availability

DOGGONE® Wild Dog Bait contains '1080' and is therefore a Restricted Schedule 7 poison (RS7). It is available through the following state government agencies and authorities:

Queensland: Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy and Authorised Local Government Land Protection Officers
New South Wales: Rural Lands Protection Board
South Australia: Natural Resources Management Boards
Victoria: Department of Primary Industries

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