FOXOFF® Fox Baits

What is FOXOFF®

fox baits

Fox baits

FOXOFF® is a manufactured bait, pre-poisoned with precisely 3 milligrams (3/1000th of a gram) of sodium fluoroacetate ('1080' poison).

Red dye indicates the poison in the centre of the bait.

FOXOFF® is shelf-stable without refrigeration to allow thorough control programmes over 2-4 weeks.

FOXOFF® baits are highly specific for canids and are not readily taken by native animals or stock.

How FOXOFF® works

Sodium fluoroacetate ('1080') is a simple and natural substance differing only slightly from common acetic acid. Fluoroacetate occurs in several species of Australian plants. Native animals which have been exposed to such plant for millions of years are thus relatively tolerant to this poison. Introduced animals such as foxes and rabbits are very susceptible.

A low, non-lethal, dose of sodium fluoroacetate is not cumulative since small doses can be metabolised harmlessly.

Once eaten by the fox, fluoroacetate poison is absorbed and blocks enzymes for energy production within the cells of the animal.

After a delay of several hours, during which the fox behaves normally, death occurs quickly from the loss of energy to the brain, heart and diaphragm.

A single FOXOFF® bait is lethal to the largest fox.

FOXOFF® packaging and supply

Foxoff Packaging

New FOXOFF Presentation

FOXOFF® baits are now available as individually made baits in a range of new plastic pails with resealable lids. Sizes include 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 bait packs.

Traditional packaging of FOXOFF® fox baits  in trays of 12 60g baits, and farm packs of 72 baits (6 trays of 12 baits) and FOXOFF® Econobaits in trays of 30 35g baits, and farm packs of 120 baits (4 trays of 30) are still available.

FOXOFF® can only be obtained from the local authorised control agency in each state:

VIC: Department of Primary Industries
NSW: Rural Land Protection Boards
SA: Natural Resources Management Boards
QLD: Department of Natural Resources, Mines & Energy and Local Government Land Protection Officers
ACT: Department of Environment and Planning
Western Australia: Rural Merchants Licensed to retail S7 products

FOXOFF® is also made available to Government Conservation Agencies and National Parks in most states for protection of native animals in Crown Land areas.

FOXOFF® – Protecting Australia's lambs and wildlife.

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