PIGOUT® Feral Pig Bait

PIGOUT Shelf-stable baits

PIGOUT® Shelf-stable baits

PIGOUT® Feral Pig Bait

PIGOUT® Feral Pig Bait is a factory-prepared, shelf-stable bait for the control of feral pigs.

The bait is made with a sturdy, fish-flavoured cereal matrix, specially flavoured and dyed to maximise uptake by pigs and minimise uptake by birds and other non-target species.

The bait is strengthened by an edible bio-degradable cellulose skin designed to reduce non-target uptake, ensure ease of handling and increase the resilience of the bait when deployed from the air.

PIGOUT® baits have proven to be more target specific for feral pigs than other commonly used bait types such as meat and grain due to their size and omnivore appeal.

PIGOUT patented poison core

PIGOUT® patented poison core -- the bait matrix itself contains virtually no poison.

Each bait contains 72 mg of ‘1080’ contained in a patented toxin delivery system that is incorporated into the centre of each bait. The bait core is designed to minimise migration of poison into the surrounding bait matrix.

Non-target risks

Field research with both toxic and non-toxic PIGOUT® baits has indicated that most non-target animals (including livestock) that visit bait sites are unlikely to eat significant portions of the baits.

As the poison is localised in the patented core, the bait matrix itself contains virtually no poison, thus non-target animals can consume part of the bait with reduced risk of consuming a lethal dose of the toxin.

Coordinated campaigns and integrated management

As with any vertebrate pest control program, results are greatly improved when conducted over broad areas in coordinated campaigns involving neighbours.

This approach minimises refuge areas where pigs can avoid baits and removes the pest from a wider area to help reduce re-infestation of baited areas by pigs from neighbouring unbaited land.

Co-ordinated aerial campaigns can cover very large areas, however it should be noted that historically aerial baiting has not been demonstrated to achieve as great a knock down as ground baiting. The reasons vary, but insufficient bait densities and high non-target takes of meat baits have possibly contributed to the lower level of efficacy. Aerial baiting with ‘clusters’, as already practiced by some farmer groups, may prove more effective.

As with all pest control programs the success of long-term population suppression will be markedly reduced without follow up monitoring and integrated control efforts. PIGOUT®, like any other bait type or single control method, is unlikely to achieve eradication by itself. It is a tool for use as part of an integrated approach.

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