RATTOFF® Zinc Phosphide Bait

rat-bait sachets

Rattoff® is registered for use in cane crops

RATTOFF® ZP Bait Sachets are now available to all cane growers to help control the rats in their crops following APVMA registration of RATTOFF® for routine use by the cane industry.

RATTOFF® development was successful due to the close collaboration between the sugar industry through Cane Productivity Boards, BSES, Canegrowers, QUT and ACTA.


Under the previous emergency use conditions, only a small number of Boards or merchants were permitted to stock RATTOFF® ZP sachets – now all merchant stores and boards have access to the product.

Mode of action

The breakthrough with RATTOFF® ZP is it’s mode of action as a fast acting or "acute" rodenticide and its ability to control a high proportion of rats in a crop within a few days of application. An acute rodenticide means the poison controls the rodents within a few hours after being eaten compared to traditional anticoagulant poisons that may take up to a week for a rat to succumb – during which time they are still gnawing at the cane.

Other benefits of RATTOFF® are the greatly reduced risk of secondary poisoning of non-target animals and total lack of environmental residues.

The active ingredient in RATTOFF® quickly kills the rat due to heart and respiratory failure then degrades in the carcass.

Birds of prey have little risk of being poisoned with RATTOFF® unlike the higher risk with second-generation anticoagulants. Second-generation anticoagulants are not approved for use in crops due to their potential for secondary poisoning and ‘bio-accumulation’.

New Packs

rat-bait pails

A range of pack sizes is available.

New pack sizes include 2kg, 5kg and 10kg pails to give farmers more flexibility in their control programs – especially for smaller properties or localised rat infestations.

Permit Requirements

Before RATTOFF® ZP can be used in an area, the local CPPB must verify the presence of rats to trigger a Damage Mitigation Permit for that area negotiated with QPWS. This overcomes the need for individual farmers to apply for separate permits for their crops and means that RATTOFF® is not used when there is no serious problem.

Technical Advice on Rat Monitoring

CPPBs and BSES have skilled and experienced staff who can provide advice on identifying rat damage and ways to prevent and minimise the risks of rat infestations. There is a comprehensive rat management strategy for the cane industry that has been developed by BSES, QUT and CPPBs and ACTA strongly supports this approach. The use of RATTOFF® ZP is an important part of this IPM strategy and a free booklet is available from ACTA (256k PDF) or suppliers to explain all rat management options in the IPM strategy. Store agronomists can help farmers monitor crops for fresh rat damage and for signs of rat activity such as active holes, signs of runways, visible rats.

RATTOFF® ZP Sachets are registered for controlling rats in cane crops and must not be used for any other purpose.

RATTOFF® range includes 2kg, 5kg & 10kg pails. Each sachet contains 10g of bait.

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