State Use Regulations for Zinc Phosphide Bait

Regulations for the use of Zinc Phosphide products

Following a review of the usage practices of Zinc Phosphide-based animal control products and  there are now new procedures in place that users of Zinc Phosphide-based baits must follow. These procedures are outlined in documents, which are reproduced here with permission, provided by the relevant State authorities.

This page is still under construction. Information from states not yet included in this list will be added to this page as it becomes available.  Please use this page as your saved reference.


In Victoria, all Schedule 7 poisons are restricted use products that require the user to be the holder of a DPI Agricultural Chemical User Permit (ACUP). The prerequisite for granting an ACUP is successful completion of a recognised course in farm chemical use, such as the ChemCert Agvet Chemical Use Training Program or equivalent. Once granted an ACUP is valid for 10 years. For information on obtaining an ACUP people should contact the DPI Customer Service Centre on 136 186 or e-mail

South Australia

Chemical User Training

Education promotes responsible chemical use. Rural Chemicals Program encourages all chemical users to participate in appropriate training activities in order to develop competency. Anyone who buys or uses pesticides that are classified as Schedule 7 poisons (labelled as Dangerous Poisons) must possess a prescribed qualification. Click here for an indicative list of Schedule 7 products (.PDF). Qualifications prescribed under the Agricultural and Veterinary Products (Control of Use) Regulations are:

  • ChemCert SA accreditation. Contact ChemCert SA for further information. Phone 08 8842 4048.
  • SMARTtrain accreditation in chemical use. Not currently delivered in SA.
  • Spray Solutions accreditation. Phone Regional Skills Training Pty Ltd on 8835 1362 for further information.
  • ChemCert Vic accreditation, provided the holder has completed the SA legislation assessment. Phone ChemCert Victoria on 03 5622 2055 for further information.
  • TAFE SA Chemical Training Card. Contact TAFE SA for further information. Phone 1800 882 661 or email

These qualifications must be current, i.e. less than five years old. Currency can be maintained through reaccreditation. Contact the Training Providers for further information.

New South Wales

New South Wales users of Schedule 7 poisons in agriculture require an AQF3 permit, which is essentially the Chemcert NSW certificate that demonstrates chemical competency and is attained after attending the standard chemical users' course. The reseller does not need to see the certificate. However, the grower needs to keep a record of the amount of bait purchased, and the area treated.

Other States and Territories

Information about the local regulations in each of the states and territories not yet listed will be added to this page as soon as it is available.

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